Pat McAfee Dropped Some Major ESPN News On His Show

Former NFL punter turned sports media personality Pat McAfee has one of the biggest daily shows in the digital space, racking up tens of millions of views on YouTube every month.

McAfee, 33, appeared to have a good relationship with ESPN, appearing on College GameDay and some of the network’s other shows. That relationship might be turning sour, though.

On Friday, McAfee alleged that ESPN employees have been told they cannot appear on his daily show.

“There is no ESPN on the show today AJ….new mandate,” McAfee told his co-host, A.J. Hawk. “We had some good times with some of those (guys). Know ‘em for years. Not allowed anymore, don’t come….I got a text and a follow up call….It was a good era….What about Greenberg….I guess I would have to just kind of never maybe go on their thing again too….I do believe this particular show was singled out. That’s alright, it was a good run.”

McAfee moved his radio show to SiriusXM in 2020 and the show can be seen virtually on YouTube. He had one of the biggest YouTube audiences in January.

ESPN has reportedly yet to comment on the news from McAfee.

McAfee, who punted for the Indianapolis Colts before retiring early, made appearances on both Get Up! and College GameDay beginning in 2019.

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