Oregon State mailbag: Wayne Tinkle’s contract, setting basketball rosters, economic impact and merchandise from Elite Eight run

With Oregon State putting its basketballs away for the time being, seems like time for the periodic Beaver mailbag. You ask, we attempt an answer. Here goes …

With the Elite 8 run of the Beaver basketball program, will it be easier for recruiting and utilizing the transfer portal to sustain the success the Beavers had? – Joe H

Certainly, it can’t hurt. But the impact isn’t immediate. Recruiting high school players is a years-long process. This is sure to open some doors to conversations. As for the transfer portal, the Beavers are already down that road. Warith Alatishe (Nicholls State) this year, Ahmad Rand (Memphis) and Xzavier Malone-Key (Fairleigh Dickinson) next year. The problem going forward for Oregon State is many of the prominent schools are also starting to go down the transfer road. Getting an Alatishe or Malone-Key figures to be much more competitive in years to come.

Do you think MBB has legitimately turned a corner and can continue to be competitive or was this a blip on the radar? – Andy D

Depends on your expectation. If it’s annual NCAA appearances and the occasional Sweet 16 or Elite Eight run, no. OSU isn’t there yet. But it’s reasonable to expect Oregon State finishing mid-pack to mid-third of the Pac-12 standings each year. Depending on the strength of their non-conference performance, that puts the Beavers in the mix for an NCAA or NIT tournament berth on a regular basis. That’s a serious upgrade for OSU basketball of the past 30 years.

What’s going on with Sasha and Aleah transferring? – Jonathan W

Aleah Goodman isn’t transferring, unless we’re missing something. She finished a four-year career and is moving on to “the real world,” whether than pro basketball, coaching or business. Sasha Goforth didn’t specially give a reason for leaving, but it’s not unusual for a someone playing 2,000 miles from home for the first time to miss everything and decide it’s not for them. That Goforth landed at Arkansas, located in the city where she grew up, says she’s more comfortable around family and friends.

Is (Wayne) Tinkle’s incoming class for next season complete? – Bill M.

Hahahahahaha. This is college basketball, 2021, where teams are just getting started in March. There is surely to be a player or two or three transferring out, and plenty to recruit through the transfer portal. Not to mention high school and JC prospects still available. Check back in July.

What is the status of WBB given the recent departure of 3 players? — @Beeswede1

See answer above. Though women’s basketball doesn’t have quite the movement of the men, it’s getting there. The portal has changed the game. OSU women’s basketball should be fine next year. At a minimum, the Beavers are adding 5-star Greta Kampschroeder, and 6-6 forward Kennedy Brown returns from ACL surgery. Expect to see a reinforcement or two coming, and don’t be surprised if another player leaves. It’s college basketball 2021.

We just had a great run and now there is extension talk for Tinkle. Does Tinkle get paid like a great coach, when he’s been just fine outside of the past 3 weeks or so? – Chris J

How many times have we been down this road since Ralph Miller retired? Oregon State has tried to get the coaching hire right a half dozen times, and flopped – until Tinkle. Oregon State isn’t going to pay its basketball coach like a “great coach,” if by that you’re meaning UCLA money like Mick Cronin’s $4 million per year. But Tinkle and his family love Corvallis, and he’s not looking to hold OSU hostage. Just wants additional years, beyond the three already contracted.

What’s the status of big man (Jordan) Whittley this year? Cleared to practice? Do the athletes still have to do COVID test before every practice or weekly or? – Robert W

I have repeatedly asked for an interview with Jordan Whittley, the Beavers’ big defensive tackle who didn’t play last year because of a reported heart issue. Repeatedly denied. We should find out in the next few days, as coach Jonathan Smith will speak to the media before the outset of spring practice Tuesday. There are COVID tests for players who are practicing in-season.

Like to know your thoughts on the 4 players in the Pro Day tryouts…will any be drafted? If so, what round? — @Chris3puttagain

Oregon State’s Pro Day is Thursday, when outside linebacker Hamilcar Rashed Jr., running back Jermar Jefferson and cornerbacks Nahshon Wright and Isaiah Dunn perform for NFL personnel. Rashed and Jefferson are likely draft picks. It’s a pure guess on the cornerbacks, but they’ll land somewhere, either through the draft or a free agent deal.

Great coverage during the last month, Nick. Does the university have any guess on the economic impact of the NCAA run? Ticket Renewals? Merchandise sales? Other? – Eric

Too early. Surely it will help. Merchandise is moving, but it’s not an economic windfall. Season ticket sales for 2021-22 haven’t started yet. The big financial impact is down the road, in terms of donations and added exposure to prospective students who might not previously have considered Oregon State.

Are there any 2021 Pac-12 championship posters or elite 8 posters we can get? — @BizzzyBeaver

Don’t know about posters, but there is Pac-12 tournament apparel available through Oregon State at this link. As for Elite Eight merchandise, I’m told Oregon State plans something for their basketball season ticket holders.

Will Kate Brown allow fans in the stands by fall? – Jimmy

The governor is already allowing some fans. The question is whether Oregon State will be able to sell all seats in Reser Stadium, or a percentage, by fall. The guess here is 50 percent at the outset, and perhaps a full stadium by season’s end.

Are the plans still intact to place the visitor’s locker room underneath the Westside of the stadium. – Mike G

Yes, the visitor’s locker room will move from the bowels of Gill Coliseum to the Southwest corner of the remodel.

–Nick Daschel | [email protected] | @nickdaschel

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