Offensive line depth should create competition


You’ve heard me talk about how the end of last season could be used to build on things for 2021. That is particularly true for the offensive line. Especially when you consider how they performed against Rutgers in the season finale, they definitely have a lot of positives in that regard.

Turner Corcoran talked about doing exactly that. He, along with the rest of the line, really performed at a high level. He gave a glimpse into what the future could be for the Nebraska football offense. They were opening up holes, protecting Adrian Martinez really well, and allowing the Nebraska football offense to move smoothly.

Now, he is focused on building off that, and doing things even better. He talked to the media earlier this week about trying to get better, and how the line itself is getting better as a group.  We talked a little bit on Sunday about how the line wants to be the tone setters for the offense. I think that’s an achievable goal, and it’s something Nebraska football should definitely encourage. Good offensive play starts with the line.

Along with being tone-setters, I talked about how they need to make a leap in the 2021 season after not progressing a ton last year. Corcoran needs to be ready to do that. He is a big part of what the line will do in the future, and he is certainly being a little bit more vocal this spring, which is great to see. It shows that he wants to be involved, and that he wants his group to perform well. He also talked about the young talent that this group has.

“There’s a lot of young guys in this group, and that’s what makes everyone really excited because we’ve got a lot of growth ahead of us,” Corcoran said. “There’s always going to be a little bit of growing pains. I’m going to say it right now: Teddy (Prochazka), Nouri (Nouredin Nouili), Jimmy Fritzsche – they’re all aiming for that left tackle spot. It’s pushing me quite a bit to perfect my game and make sure I’m doing what I need to do.”

There is a ton of depth at this positional unit, and that is a great thing. I always say that too much depth is never a bad thing, and that is certainly the case here. Nebraska football has a lot of options to be able to choose from if things do not go well with one particular player.

I love to hear this, because depth is creating competition. As a coach, you never want a player to rest on their laurels. That is definitely not the case here.

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