‘Now I Know Why People Don’t Like Curtis Blaydes’- Chael Sonnen Berates Curtis Blaydes For Choices


Curtis Blaydes may have had to drop out of a fight with Derrick Lewis due to COVID-19, but is still aiming high. Blaydes recently called out Jon Jones, and Chael Sonnen is absolutely stunned at how he did it.

“Curtis Blaydes, who I have always appreciated his skills and never really understood why the audience doesn’t like him. But there is. There is an audience against Curtis. I was like ‘man did I miss something? Did Curtis do something one time?’ Curtis Blaydes comes out earlier today and proclaims on his own that he’s going to need a whole bunch of money to fight Jon Jones. To tell you how stupid that statement was of Curtis. He was never offered Jon Jones, he now never will be. He just put a big bumper between himself and Jon Jones that never needed to be there because it was never offered.”

Blaydes asking for more money to fight Jones without bringing anything significant to the table is surprising. Blaydes is well within his rights to be compensated for a fight against Jon Jones. However, it is odd to see anyone pass up on a matchup like that over money.

Curtis Blaydes: Too unlikable to succeed?

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – JUNE 20: Curtis Blaydes reacts after his decision victory over Alexander Volkov in their heavyweight bout during the UFC Fight Night event at UFC APEX on June 20, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

Sonnen would go on to explain why people don’t like Blaydes. “He could have come out and said I am the one to stop Jon, I am the reason Jon hasn’t committed. I am the one they offered Jon to and Jon never speaks about. He could have done all sorts of things to add something to the offer. Instead, he steps in front of the promotion and the offer before it was even presented to him by saying I am going to need a whole bunch of money. The one thing the guy writing the cheques doesn’t want to do. So he literally stops himself from getting any traction or momentum before it’s even discussed because he’s that stupid. Now I know why people don’t like Curtis.”

Curtis Blaydes doesn’t have a fan-friendly style, but he is one of the scariest heavyweights in the division. Even though Francis Ngannou seems to be his kryptonite, we haven’t seen many other people dominate the division as he has. Hopefully, he can get his fight with Lewis back on the books. An impressive performance there could open up roads to face Jon Jones.


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