Mookie Betts shows why he could star in next ‘Bo Knows’ ad campaign


Red Sox fans need no reminder of Mookie Betts’ athleticism. They watched the homegrown superstar scale fences, steal bases, and yank home runs during six seasons in Boston that included an American League MVP award and a World Series title.

But just in case you need more proof than what he did on a baseball field, Betts recently posted an Instagram video of his exploits away from the diamond, whether it’s running a perfect out pattern, dunking a basketball, ripping a topspin forehand, or of course, bowling a perfect game.

It’s enough to make you wonder: If Nike ever revised its famous “Bo Knows” ad campaign from 1989-90, could Betts replace Bo Jackson as the all-around athlete and star? (Mo Knows? Moo Does? Best Betts?)

Red Sox fans probably don’t want to ponder it.



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