Monday April 26 Golf Results

Girls Golf



Harris-Lake Park 207

Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn 220



H-LP Scores:

Rylie Wittrock (45) – 1st Place

Tessa Gunderson (52) – 4th Place

Zella Ingham (53)

Hailey Cody (57)


Comments From H-LP Coach Amanda Perkins:

“I am so proud of the girls tonight.  We got our first team score and our first team win of the season.  Hailey Cody has been playing well on JV so tonight she got her first start in a varsity meet and went out and shot a 57.  Tessa Gunderson and Zella Ingham both played solid rounds of golf as well and are continuing to go out and improve each round they play.  . Rylie Wittrock was our team leader tonight and being just a freshman she played outstanding on a course she has never seen before.”


@Storm Lake

Storm Lake St. Mary’s 245

Emmetsburg 250

Runner Up: Kourtney Kogel of Emmetsburg (56)




Boys Golf



Harris-Lake Park 165

Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn 174

Trinity Christian 196


Meet Medalist: Sam Heyn From HMS (38)

Runner Up: Lucas Gunderson From HLP (40)

3rd Place: Braydan Perkins From HLP (40)

4th Place: Jaxson Heikens From HLP (42)

5th Place: Lucas Ahrenstorff From HLP (43)


Comments From H-LP Head Coach Tyler Vaudt:

The boys played well on a tough golf course.  The conditions were perfect for scoring and that’s just what the boys did tonight.    Luke Gunderson and Jaxson Heikens were solid as usual. It was really nice to see Lucas Ahrenstorff play a solid round as a freshman on a course new to him.  Braydan has been playing some solid golf the last couple meets. There’s still some work to do, but a strong group effort by all the guys to bring home a couple wins.

Hope to be able to return to the team soon after my newborn son, Pierce, gets out of the NICU.  It’s great to have the coaches, like Kiley Perkins, in our district that are able to step in and help be there for the boys when I am unable to coach.  If you ever wonder why a team or school has been great then look no further than the families associated with those kids and you will have your answer!  I love seeing all the family members that continue to follow the boys no matter the conditions. HLP is the very meaning of FAMILY!


@Spirit Lake

Spirit Lake 153

Storm Lake 169


Meet Medalist: Mason Weeks (Spirit Lake) – 34

Runner Up: Jackson Laven (Spirit Lake) – 35


Other Spirit Lake Scores:

Isaac Early 41

Tyler Kriener 46

Josh Jackson 46

Walker Radcliff 46


Comments From Spirit Lake Coach Bob Kirchner:

Mason Weeks score of 31 is the lowest score we had for a 9 hole tournament in my 20 plus years at Spirit Lake by any team or opponent we have played.


@Storm Lake

Emmetsburg beat Storm Lake St. Mary’s

Matt Wirtz from Emmetsburg was the runner up medalist with a 42

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