MLB The Show 21 Performs Better on PS5 Than Xbox Series X

MLB The Show 21, being the first PlayStation Studios game to be released on Xbox consoles, seems to perform better on the PS5 than the Xbox Series X in terms of frame rate. According to an analysis by Digital Foundry, the Xbox Series X version suffers by as much as 11 frames per second when compared to the PS5 version.

On the previous generation of consoles, however, MLB The Show 21’s technical performance is a different story. The game performs better on an Xbox One X when compared to a PlayStation 4 Pro. The Xbox One X pulls in ahead of the PS4 Pro by up to 7 frames per second.

Richard Leadbetter, editor at Digital Foundry, has been clear in stating that the developers definitely gave the Xbox release of MLB The Show 21 “a good shot”. Considering the developers are likely much more familiar with PlayStation 5 hardware than they are with the Xbox Series X|S, the fact that the PS5 version has slightly better frame rates should come as no surprise.

It is also worth noting that MLB The Show 21 is the first PlayStation Studios game to be released on multiple consoles at the same time.

According to Leadbetter, while gameplay is smooth on both the PS5 as well as Xbox Series X, the in-game cutscenes where visuals are cranked to the max are where the differences in performance start showing. “Frame-rate buckles on all machines and it’s here that we see that Series X occasionally matches PS5, but more often drops harder – by a factor of around 9-11fps,” says Leadbetter.

There will likely be conspiracy theorists igniting yet another battle in the pointless PlayStation versus Xbox console wars, but as Leadbetter puts it himself, “the fact that Xbox One X gives a smoother ride than PS4 Pro hopefully underscores that San Diego Studio gave the Xbox ports a good shot.”

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