MLB proposes 154-game schedule to union

The players and the union leaders will discuss the latest proposal from Major League Baseball this weekend. Here are some of the latest details of the proposal.

The biggest takeaway is of course the expanded postseason. Instead of the normal 10-team playoff format, Major League Baseball implemented a 16-team playoff last season with a three-game opening round series. According to reports, the expanded playoffs would go down to 14 teams, with the top team in each league receiving a first-round bye, adding emphasis on finishing with the best record.

As of now, the season is expected to begin in early April, but this proposal would push the season back a month and extend the season into the first week of October with the World Series in November. If this is the case, expect more double-headers in 2021 with the seven-inning rule expected to return.

According to Buster Olney, spring training would be pushed back a month, and the regular season would begin on April 28.

The biggest takeaway though is the fact that the DH would be back in the National League in 2021. The Dodgers used that to their advantage last season, and it would be a great addition this year. With LA being attached to names like Marcell Ozuna and Nelson Cruz, the addition of the DH could bring another big-time bat to their lineup.

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