Mike And Maria Kanellis Sign New Deal With WWE Rival Brand


Exactly one year after they were let go of their WWE contracts, Mike and Maria Kanellis finally received some good news about their career. Until this point, the two of them were being paid by Ring of Honor promotion, per appearance basis. But now the two of them will be under full-time contracts wiping out the uncertainties.

Last year, Mike and Maria Kanellis arrived in ROH and started working under part-time deals. Their short-term contracts are no more as PW Insider reports that the two are now under bound ROH contracts.

“Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett officially announced that they have signed with Ring of Honor and will be with the promotion full-time going forward.”

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An official announcement regarding this signing has been made by the signee herself on Instagram.

Mike and Maria Kanellis were released from their WWE contract, back on April 15, 2020, along with the other roster members during the COVID-19 budget cuts. Mike returned to ROH on the November 21 TV show while Maria returned on December 20. They previously left ROH in late December 2015 after not agreeing to the terms of a new deal.

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Mike & Maria Kanellis had an unsuccessful career in WWE

Afterward, the couple worked with IMPACT Wrestling promotion for one year before ending up on the WWE in 2017. Both of them were touted to be a future success which wasn’t the case. Mike took a long time in the process of sobriety while Maria became pregnant on two occasions over the past few years which never allowed them to be on TV, consistently.

Mike And Maria Kanellis Sign New Deal With WWE Rival Brand 2

On a recent appearance on ROH String Podcast, Maria Kanellis was asked if she expected to be released by WWE when the company announced there will be a talent cut during the pandemic to keep the budget intact. The former WWE 24/7 Champion stated that she expected to finish out her career in WWE because, at least until the contract because unlike her husband, she never asked for her release.

“I was on my way back from my two-month appointment with Carver at the doctor when I got the call from Mark Carrano and I was fine on the phone, but at the same time I realized that we were going to be in a world of hurt and they knew that. And it’s just really hard for me to talk about, because that was just such an emotional day of, like, ‘ok, we just had this two-month appointment with Carver and he’s healthy and he’s big for his age.’ But the doctor was really impressed by how strong he was and how advanced he was,” an emotional Maria Kanellis noted.


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