Mick Schumacher to Use His Father Michael’s ‘MSC’ in Debut F1 Season

Mick Schumacher will be using the timing screen name abbreviation – ‘MSC’, the same as his father Michael Schumacher used.

Mick Schumacher , who is the reigning Formula 2 champion, will be making his Formula 1 debut with Haas. He was assigned the abbreviation ‘SCH’, which is the first three initials of his surname. Mick insisted on using ‘MSC’, which his seven-times world champion father used, to distinguish him from his brother Ralf Schumacher.

“I wanted ‘MSC’. It’s an emotional bond I have to it,” Mick Schumacher said.

“I think it’s quite nice for everybody watching the timing screens and seeing ‘MSC’ back on the screens as well,” he added.

Mick was on the course at Bahrain on Saturday, on the opening day of the pre-season test, completing 15 of the 86 laps as he recorded the 12th fastest time.

“I learnt a massive amount of new things which were all positive,” said Mick Schumacher.

“Being able to get those those laps under my belt – I’ve done over 80 laps today and obviously compared to 15 laps yesterday, that’s quite a big difference. And it really gave me a new way of seeing F1 and understanding driving on track.”

It was the first time that Mick was driving a Formula 1 car.

“It’s a lot of fun driving here in a Formula 1 car,” he said.

“It’s amazing how quick it is. Being able to push so hard and rely on the rear and really feeling the grip of the changes in the setup.”

“There are a lot of tools that you can use to improve driving on track instantly. So that’s pretty positive for me coming from Formula 2, where you basically had nothing to change.”

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