Miami Dolphins address key needs in end of season mock draft

The Miami Dolphins are now in full off-season mode after a crushing loss to the Buffalo Bills.

While the Miami Dolphins were manhandled by the Buffalo Bills, the Tennessee Titans came through to beat the Houston Texans securing the third overall pick for the Phins.

On a day where nothing went right for the Dolphins, a doinked kick into the uprights led to the clinching of the third overall pick via the Texans.

Ryan Tannehill, the last Dolphins quarterback to lead the team to the playoffs, came through clutch in order to defeat the Texans. Tannehill, and clearly Laremy Tunsil, can be thanked for the major changes the Dolphins are about to make in the 2021 offseason.

With that in mind, this mock may rub people the wrong way. But after the disappointing showing in Sundays 30-point loss to the Bills, it is clear change is needed.

This week’s mock draft, coming from the simulator over at, aims to fix some of the key holes that I saw in Sunday’s game.

No I am not writing about firing Chan Gailey (yet), but with the Dolphins headed into the offseason, I will write bi-weekly mock drafts, player breakdowns for Miami Dolphins possible draft targets and free agents, and an offseason plan.

But let’s stay the course and kick this mock draft off with the biggest of fish.

Round 1 Pick 3

Oregon OT Penei Sewell 

Let’s get this out of the way early. No, the Dolphins should not take a quarterback in the draft. Should they bring in a veteran quarterback who can challenge Tua Tagovailoa for the starting role? Yes, whether that be Ryan Fitzpatrick or someone else is the questions.

The Dolphins spent the 5th overall pick on Tagovailoa last season and not every quarterback succeeds their rookie season. Peyton Manning threw 28 interceptions his rookie season, I am glad every labeled him a bust so early.

These things take time, but the most important part is protecting your franchise quarterback. With the ability to play either tackle spot, Sewell will possibly play the right tackle spot in order to protect the left handed quarterback’s blindside.

A generational tackle prospect, Sewell could’ve been the first overall pick if quarterback wasn’t so important and if Trevor Lawrence wasn’t the must sure thing since Andrew Luck.

It’s hard to know what the New York Jets plan to do but after Ohio State’s Justin Fields put on a show against Clemson, it’s hard to imagine them passing on him if he declares.

Miami should set their eyes on the Samoan big man and not look elsewhere here at three. Immediate impact triumphs over a project player, especially when you were one game out of the playoffs.

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