Men’s Golf Splits Two Matches on Opening Day

DADE CITY, Fla. — Tyler Green and Jack Cunningham won two matches each, as the Ball State men’s golf team split a pair on day one of the Earl Yestingsmeier Match Play at Lake Jovita.
The Cardinals took down Evansville, 4.5-1.5, in the morning round behind wins from Green, Cunningham, Sterling McIlravy and Evan Bone plus a tie from Joey Ranieri
BSU then fell in the afternoon to defending champion Drake, 4-2, with Green and Cunningham accounting for the only wins. Bone reached the final hole in his match but ultimately finished 2 down.

Green won both of his matches Monday without seeing the final hole, winning 2&1 in the morning and 3&2 in the afternoon. The largest victory margin of the day for BSU was from McIlravy, the junior college transfer, who won 4&3 in the morning in his Ball State debut.
UConn won both of its matches Monday, defeating Drake and Loyola Chicago, to claim 2.0 points. DePaul, which beat Evansville and tied Loyola, finished the day with 1.5 points. 
Teams earn a full point for a win and a half point for a tie.
The final round will be played Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. ET with Ball State against DePaul, Loyola against Drake and UConn against Evansville. The team that finishes with the most total points over the three rounds is the champion.
Team Standings
UConn – 2 points
DePaul – 1.5 points
Drake – 1 point
Ball State – 1 point
Loyola Chicago – 0.5 points
Evansville – 0 points
Round 1 Results
(1) Ball State def. (6) Evansville, 4.5-1.5
1. Joey Ranieri (BSU) vs. Dallas Koth (UE), tied
2. Tyler Green (BSU) def. Spencer Wagner (UE), 2&1
3. Jack Cunningham (BSU) def. Isaac Rohleder (UE), 3&1 
4. Caleb Wasmer (UE) def. Joey Wiseman (BSU), 3&2
5. Sterling McIlravy (BSU) def. Jessie Brumley (UE), 4&3
6. Evan Bone (BSU) def. Carson Parker (UE), 1 up
(2) Loyola Chicago vs. (5) DePaul, tied 3-3
1. Nik Gatmaytan (DU) def. Devin Johnson (LUC), 1 up
2. Timmy Crawford (LUC) def. Noah Kolar (DU), 1 up
3. Zach Walsh (LUC) def. Conor Glennon (DU), 1 up

4. Justin Lafrance (LUC) def. Perry Chong (DU), 4&3

5. Artemiy Yalovenko (DU) def. Nick Welden (LUC), 4&3

6. Grant Boyson (DU) def. Ryan Magee (LUC), 4&3
(4) UConn def. (3) Drake, 4-5-1.5

1. Tim Lim (DU) def. Jared Nelson (UConn), 2&1

2. Caleb Manuel (UConn) def. Shayne Patel (DU), 7&6

3. Tommy Dallahan (UConn) def. Lucas Scherf (DU), 4&3

4. Jimmy Paradise (UConn) def. Nick Pittman (DU), 3&2
5. Finn Boynton (UConn) vs. Kyle MacDonald (Drake), tied
6. Rodrigo Sanchez (UConn) def. Silvester Tan (DU), 1 up
Round 2 Results
(3) Drake def. (1) Ball State, 4-2
1. Tim Lim (DU) def. Joey Ranieri (BSU), 4&2
2. Tyler Green (BSU) def. Shayne Patel (DU), 3&2 
3. Jack Cunningham (BSU) def. Lucas Scherf (DU), 1 up
4. Nick Pittman (DU) def. Joey Wiseman (BSU), 2&1 
5. Kyle MacDonald (DU) def. Sterling McIlravy (BSU), 3&1
6. Silvester Tan (DU) def. Evan Bone (BSU), 2 up 
(4) UConn def. (2) Loyola Chicago, 4-2
1. Devin Johnson (LUC) def. Jared Nelson (UConn), 1 up

2. Caleb Manuel (UConn) def. Timmy Crawford (LUC), 5&4

3. Zach Walsh (LUC) def. Tommy Dallahan (UConn), 2&1
4. Jimmy Paradise (UConn) def. Justin Lafrance (LUC), 1 up

5. Finn Boynton (UConn) def. Nick Welden (LUC), 4&3

6. Rodrigo Sanchez (UConn) def. Ryan Magee (LUC), 2&1
(5) DePaul def. (6) Evansville, 4-2

1. Nik Gatmaytan (DU) def. Dallas Koth (UE), 3&2
2. Noah Kolar (DU) vs. Spencer Wagner (UE), tied

3. Isaac Rohleder (UE) def. Conor Glennon (DU), 4&3
4. Perry Chong (DU) vs. Caleb Wasmer (UE), tied

5. Artemiy Yalovenko (DU) def. Jessie Brumley (UE), 2&1

6. Grant Boyson (DU) def. Carson Parker (UE), 5&4
Final Round Matches (Tuesday)
(1) Ball State vs. (5) DePaul
(2) Loyola Chicago vs. (3) Drake
(4) UConn vs. (6) Evansville

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