Meet the Superheroes of India Fighting to Make it a Country Without Discrimination


The Coronavirus pandemic left a world with wounds. Not that it didn’t exist before, but the one wound that kept staring at our faces was– discrimination.

Is #Indiawothoutdiscrimination just a hashtag and an impossible dream?

Not for those who despite being discriminated against, continue to fight for a future where social and economic justice will be accessible to all regardless of caste, religion and gender.

These are grassroots warriors whose stories of struggle are unimaginable to a vast section of their fellow citizens whose social and economic privileges have never exposed them to the harsh reality of the ‘other’ India.

The India where Dalit children cannot study in schools with higher-caste students. Where a guest at an event is asked to wash her own plate after eating, because no one else will touch it. Where a young woman will be forbidden to drink from a Thakur’s tap and a young boy not allowed to use the moniker ‘Singh’ against his name because he is Dalit. The stories of discrimination and dehumanisation go on but so does the human spirit that won’t give up.

In their new campaign called #IndiaWithoutDiscrimination, Oxfam India wants to showcase real stories of real people who are fighting against discrimination.

Meet some of these heroes:

1. Reeta Devi – Fighting against all odds

Reeta Devi is fighting against all odds to create a better life for the people of Bundelkhand.

2. Rihana Mansoori – Fighting for women’s rights

As a woman belonging to the minority community, Rihana has many struggles of her own. She is fighting for women empowerment and their rights, to stop people treating women as secondary.

3. Rajesh Kumar – Spreading the light of education

Rajesh Kumar is a firm believer that education is the only way to bring the country out of poverty and towards prosperity. He says that people should spread the light of education everywhere for everyone.

4. Pratima Verma – Fighting Social discrimination

Pratima Verma is fighting to end social discrimination and give girls their right to live freely. In this video, she shares her experience of facing social discrimination for being a Dalit.

5. Kuldeep Kumar Baudh

Kuldeep Kumar Baudh is a social activist fighting to end caste discrimination.

6. Aarti

Aarti is resident of slums in Delhi and shares her experience of facing social and caste discrimination.

Let’s hope the fight against the discrimination stays on and more warriors join the movement to support such social causes.


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