Matt Riddle may not have signed his new WWE contract


Last month there were reports stating that Matt Riddle signed a new long-term contract to stay with WWE.

Since the news broke, there has been nothing to indicate that the company plans to give him a serious push. In fact, he lost to Bobby Lashley in a United States Championship match on Monday Night Raw and he was attacked when he was wrestling MVP.

The booking of Riddle could have to do with him not yet singing his contract. Bryan Alvarez made note of this today on Wrestling Observer Live.

Alvarez said, “Remember when they offered him a new deal? I don’t think he’s signed yet. Just want to throw that out there.”

Also, as noted a few weeks ago, the plan was for Riddle to face Lashley for the U.S. Title at the Royal Rumble but there has been no mention of Riddle wrestling in a singles match on the show and his decisive tap out loss last night seemingly puts a lid on challenging again for the title anytime soon.


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