Manpreet Singh answers 13 questions from fans

Manpreet Singh is the first Indian to be named FIH Player of the Year when he won the award in 2019.

Amid the training, matches and preparation, Manpreet took out some time to answer fan questions about him, his sport, and what he likes to do when he is not seen on the hockey pitch. This Ask Me Anything session on social media caught the fancy of a lot of fans.

Below are a few of the questions and Manpreet’s replies.

What is one piece of advice you would pass on to younger players?

The advice I would pass on is the same values I follow myself – discipline, hard work and focus. These three points – doesn’t matter whether it is for hockey, other sports, or other areas of life – if you follow these points, you will definitely be successful.

Manpreet during hockey drills

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What is your favourite cheat meal?

My favourite cheat meal is pizza.

Who is an Indian athlete or hockey player you look up to?

My favourite Indian athlete is Mary Kom. Everyone knows how she won a lot of medals for India even though she went through tough times. So she is someone I look up to.

What is your go-to exercise at the gym?

My go-to exercises in the gym are core strength exercises. I do sit-ups and front planks every other day.

Manpreet Singh in training

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Can you share your favourite memory while playing hockey for India?

I have a lot of special memories. But let me pick two for right now. First, when I represented India at the 2014 Asian Games and we won the gold medal. Second, when I captained India at the 2017 Asia Cup and we won the gold medal.

What is the most challenging thing about hockey?

The most challenging thing about hockey is fitness. It is extremely important in the game and something we pay a lot of attention to. Our coaches really make us run a lot!

Which is your favourite shot in hockey?

My favourite shot is the slap shot. I really like it and tend to use it a lot in matches.

Manpreet Singh performs the slap shot

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What kind of music do you like listening to during a gym session?

I mostly listen to Punjabi music. Songs by Diljit Dosanjh, Garry Sandhu and Kara Aujla are usually on my gym playlist.

What is one exercise/fitness routine you do every day?

There are two fitness routines that I do daily. The first is cycling and the second is skipping rope. I do these daily before going to a ground and often after our training sessions also.

Manpreet Singh on the exercise bike

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What is one thing you take with you wherever you go?

One thing that I take with me wherever I go is my PlayStation. I always carry it with me anywhere I go. Whether it is our training camps or international tours, I carry my PlayStation with me.

Which is your favourite training/fitness drill?

I have two favourite exercises. Since we work on our lower body a lot, I enjoy doing leg press and squats.

Manpreet Singh performs squats

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If there was only one hour left on Earth, what would you do?

If it was my last hour on Earth, I would like to spend that time with my family.

Name one truth about hockey that most people don’t know.

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