Listen to Philadelphia Eagles CB Darius Slay on Matthew Stafford trade to Los Angeles Rams, what to expect from Jalen Hurts

Listen to Philadelphia Eagles CB Darius Slay on Matthew Stafford trade to Los Angeles Rams, what to expect from Jalen Hurts | Audioburst


And all pro a pro bowler the interception leader in the entire. Nfl in the year. Two thousand seventeen now philadelphia. Eagles formerly of the lions ladies and gentlemen dairy slack pickling was good. It was good how you doing man not too shabby. I just sneezed a couple of times. Because i’m allergic to the cable companies over charging people it’s unbelievable. What’s going on out here. Darius i just saw you i believe you were talking about you. Stafford with the nfl films. He is leaving officially now. We’ll get into you by the way i want. You know we do appreciate you coming on. We think you’re baller. We’ll talk about your life as well. But i would like your thoughts on something. It’s happening pretty topical here. Matthew stafford is going to the los angeles rams night. The guy who wore number nine put out a nine minute video via the detroit. Lions which basically was emotional. It was a beautiful watch. Evan fox diehard lions van damme. your. I almost cry me so there was. Yeah yeah me too. I got a little. What if there’s a lot of people i think are about to be introduced to matthew stafford. ’cause when your quarterback for the lines are not necessarily on prime time television all the time except for maybe thanksgiving. He’s an absolute stud. And i think a lot of people are about to learn that. Do you feel the same way as somebody that was shared a field with him. For what six seven years or whatever in detroit and he got mad they gotta gotta go be unbelievable down man on the la. He’s a very talented man. Smart guy he will work hard and He’s a great leader. Man lead by example. He approached practice. The right way Like i never seen it. professionals is a long time and he. He’s he’s the man what is what do you think he’s gonna do to that team. And that offense obviously he and mcveigh both guys of alpha personalities. But it seems like stafford. Also is one of the tougher quarterbacks ever to play the game i know he played with. What a broken back. Like what do you. What do you think he does instantly for that office. Up thinking to bring a lot of like know accuracy. Deep ball guy He will carry a team man go he could take any low In low you wanna give him you know. Click gays comeback. Like i said for longest man. Staffer was only missing a great defense in our Around half a great defense. Becky continue to get the ball back when i was at time. Stafford was putting up thirty points. Defense flutie given up thirty points to as well so but guy that got a defender keeping twenty point under seventeen points under yes tap. Wanna put up clear. A thirty points easily. Isn’t that something that’s pretty interesting is. We’re talking to darius like corner for the philadelphia eagles. Now isn’t that something interesting to think about in this is coming from a corner. Who’s on defense. Is that a thought. Hey if we keep them under twenty points are guys going to be able to get an. Is that a goal going into each game. Hey now greenwich last shutout. We want this but the realistic like. Hey if we keep this under twenty. There’s a good chance guy’s gonna get that. Is that something that actually goes through your mind yet. Easily may cause you know a you see the work definitely with guys like staffer. Long enough man. He gets hot seagoing man. He’s unstoppable star any kind of way Making the easiest Hardest make look easy. And you know that’s always a defense go to have a team on the twenty. Most of the guys honestly as a quarterback league wants big status scoreboard up. I’m not going to ask you about the drama. That’s been surrounding your team. Because there’d be incredibly unfair to you. You’re not involved in that but jalen hurts appears to be the quarterback going into next year for you guys. What did you see. Jalen that makes you think like okay. This guy is going to be our guy. There was moments of greatness out there. I don’t think everything was as smooth on offense as out of the ball last year as we would hope. But what do you think like philadelphia. Eagles fan should expect from jalen hurts. That you’ve seen behind the scenes. It’s like hey this is. There’s a reason this guy’s going to be our guy now because he’s a great leader as a young guy came to a chip on her shoulder. honestly man no disrespect carson. But he always felt like that was his spot. You know Causing the great guy but he came into the yoga came into the room into basic on. Take over to the office. You know as Why not disrespect me. Just as in i want to come compete against you to become this guy and i want to be the face at his team. He always had a ball always had drive in that kind of separate a lot of guys that you know. He was kind of just determined. You know is competitive. Why not disrespectfully. It just like mom. Okay to compete. You’re the best rocky for the team. That’s all were you surprised at all. Were any teammates surprise to see him. Like what’s he like that from day one Well we already saw that. He had a lot of swagger about him ignored college. That’s what we use as the term. Now as you see a goddess plan college boy he got a lot of sway. You carry yourself the right way and you can see in alabama and he you ever had to take no game bitch at a at a taleban. Dan going over. The numbers being heisman candidate. You know so. He had a lotta drive yet. A lot of a lot of stoudt loves to prove he. He’s ready to prove it right now.

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