Listen to NFL Week 14 injuries: Christian McCaffrey’s new issue, Antonio Gibson out of practice again

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Listen to NFL Week 14 injuries: Christian McCaffrey’s new issue, Antonio Gibson out of practice again | Audioburst


Injuries we paying attention to the bigger buzzkill of the week on the injury or injury front here christian mccaffrey. A third injury now. with the shoulder Following up now also with a quad injury had high ankle sprain. Keep matt. He’s he’s not gonna play this week hopes are he will be back week. Fifteen or sixteen. But if we have. Mike davis there ’cause they’ll lineup versus the panthers rb one this week antonio gibson that looking good got exactly one. Snap against the steelers on monday night before you heard a toe injury we’re gonna watch his status heading towards the end of the week. He’s out peyton barber on the early down work. Obviously jd mckissic. We’ll get the pr action there. The pass catching back. Josh jacobs unlikely to play this week with an ankle issue. You’re out devante booker. last week. It didn’t work out. I’m not very optimistic about it this week. Either if out to that’s a situation to avoid to straightness practices for. Aj brown the study for the titans with an ankle issue. This’ll probably be around friday. I’ll be looking at the most on practice tomorrow but take out. That’s certainly a big blow to receivers out already for carolina. This week have christian mccaffrey. But also without dj more curtis samuel kobe. Nineteen list or both of those guys robby anderson. He’s gonna get a ton of targets brandin cooks. We thought he might have had a fifth or sixth. I think it’s now six concussion last week when he ended up medical tent. It looks like it’s more of a neck injury foot issue. I am optimistic. He played just fuller out. Top targeting group brings one more week before we’ve probably take him back from that collapsed lung case. Him hill. Jalen hurts madge. Up is the two quarterbacks this week and that is going to be a very unique football game to watch analyst

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