Listen to Los Angeles Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer Subject of MLB Inspection for Suspicious Baseballs


Listen to Los Angeles Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer Subject of MLB Inspection for Suspicious Baseballs | Audioburst


Dodgers big. Dad’s we talked about. We were talking about the dodger. We’re talking about the trevor bauer situation as someone was trying to pour cold water on the dodgers situation where ken rosenthal. The athletic was reporting that multiple suspicious baseball’s from the dodgers starting pitcher trevor. Bauer were sent to major league baseball for inspection to which bauer went to social media to clear that. Hey not just me because if you single one person out it makes it sound like they’re guilty. That is the way most people think but it is a a wide range of pitchers whose balls have been collected to see what’s on the balls to inspect the balls. And the dodgers took exception to it and i get it now. Trevor responded to that today. Here’s what drivers at since. It’s only illegal for pitchers to have foreign substance on their person their body whatever. It’s not illegal for a catcher to have it on his shin guards or his chest protector as we’ve seen it’s not illegal for basement having on his glove or a center fielder to have it on his gloves. So far as i am aware potentially rule change. There’s some language. But as far as i know the rules baseball it is legal for those players to have stuff on their gloves. So my question is if i threw a pitch and it gets thrown out and tested and then have the foreign substance on. How do they know that. It came from me and not from the catcher’s glove or from the third basements glove or nfl ball. What does that happen to hit the bat. The handle of a bet where a hitter has pine tar or whatever other substance he wants which is completely legal so long as it doesn’t go too far up that how are they gonna tell that that was knee and fault me for using four in substance when that could have come from any host of other places that are legal.

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