Julian Edelman fights ignorance with education


Earlier this week the world was hit with another act of hateful language. Miami Heat big man Meyers Leonard said an Anti-Semitic slur on a Twitch stream. Days passed, and then New England Patriots wide receiver, Julian Edelman wrote an open letter to Leonard.

The letter was posted on Twitter and Instagram for the public viewing.

The Patriots star receiver has continued to not only educate others, but himself, about the importance of fighting ignorance with education.

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman takes a stand

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Though he doesn’t claim to practice religiously he is constantly learning about his religion and looks to grow his knowledge on all subjects related to Judaism.

In the Letter, he spoke about inviting Meyers Leonard to attend a Shabbat dinner with the Patriots wide receiver at some point when Edelman is visiting Miami.

In the letter Edelman says, “Let’s do a Shabbat dinner with some friends I’ll show you a fun time.” This is not the first time for the New England Patriots’ wide receiver has strived to promote education to combat Anti-Semitism.

The New England Patriots back Julian Edelman

Last summer, Julian Edelman reached out to fellow competitor, DeSean Jackson, after he shared a series of Anti-Semitic literature on social media.

The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles set up a dialogue between the two wide receivers. According to an article on boston.com, after their meeting, Edelman said they were making plans to use their experiences together to educated one another.

The New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft has announced that he is supportive of his wide receiver and hopes he will not only help educate one, but help educate his teammates, competitors, and society as a whole on topics of equality in gender, race, and religion. Edelman has said, “There’s no room for Anti-Semitism in this world.

Even though we’re talking about Anti-Semitism, I don’t want to distract how important the Black Lives Matter movement is and how we need to stay behind it.”

Julian Edelman showcases leadership and education fight  to fight ignorance

As a leader in the New England Patriots’ locker room, Julian Edelman has the capabilities to help teach people on subjects he is passionate about. It looks as though his fight against ignorance through education is continuing to gain ground rallying many other Jewish people, athletes, and sports figures to use their voices to promote understanding.

It is admirable to see how the New England Patriots and the NFL are backing Julian Edelman in his stance against ignorance.

It shows the unity of the organization and the league. It shows people the importance of fighting words of hate, not through retaliation, but through education, and helping others learn about different cultures, different religions, gender equity, and racial equality.


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