Jeff Gordon’s Former NASCAR Chevy Monte Carlo Would Make a Top-Shelf Track Toy

Trailering this retired stock car out to a track day, however, isn’t advisable. Not because hyuk hyuk right turns—Gordon won at the clockwise Watkins Glen in a sister chassis—but because this is a race-winning car from a championship-winning season, and that kind of provenance demands a huge premium. Even with six days left on its auction, bidders have pushed this car’s hammer price to $110,000; a cost you don’t necessarily have to pay for an ex-Cup car. There are numerous used Cup cars listed for $35,000 or less across the web, so if like Ricky Bobby, you wanna go fast, there are cheaper ways of doing it.

Instead, this car is best treated like the historical artifact that it is, and kept in a museum. As for track days, they’re probably best left to less distinguished, but equally capable chassis.

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