Inter Milan coach Conte on sale talk: None of us can ignore it

Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte says he’s on the sidelines amid talk of the club being sold.

Suning are in negotiations to sell Inter with reports of serious financial instability, perhaps needing to delay the payment of wages.

“We can’t say it is not of interest, because that would be a huge lie. At the same time, I’ve been very clear with the players and all those who work for the club,” said Conte after victory over Juventus.

“We must try to do our best, make the fans proud, and then we’ll see. I already knew from August that there were some problems. I hope the situation can be resolved in the best way.

“As I said, we hope it all goes in the best way for Inter and for all of us.”

Asked if Inter can now be considered Scudetto favourites, Conte had another dig at the board.

“You can see the year-and-a-half of work on the field, even if some don’t see it, or don’t want to see it. I said this was an important step, as we had to learn to taste blood and kill the game. It’s very different to last season, when Juve effectively didn’t let us play. It’s the start, we need confirmation, but it’s a strong start.

“If people think we are the favourites now, imagine if we’d been able to work on the transfer market in August. We’d be massive favourites!”

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