Inspiring readers to bloom with new motivational book

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LOCAL media personality and author Lucia Dramat aims to inspire individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic through her new motivational book 21 Days In Full Bloom.

The newly-published author aims to spread positivity through her interactive book, to help readers bloom in confidence and to create affirmations. The book will be released from March 10, after a soft roll out in December.

The book includes pages to write down your affirmations, sections dealing with what it means to be happy, creative and courageous.

It was self-published by Dramat, 33, and locally produced at digital printing company Digital Action.

She explained that a 21-day-period is often associated with habit creation.

“The idea is to shift your thought and focus. So many things happened in the last year. It is good to ensure your emotional well-being and state of mind,” said Dramat.

The book reminded her to keep a positive balance amid the business of being a radio presenter on Radio Helderberg’s breakfast show.

“I have to listen to the news every 30 minutes. I hear bad news all the time and I knew that if I want to stay positive and bring good energy to what I do, I have to manage my thoughts.”

The name of the book is inspired by the flourishing and growth of a flower. “I think when you are enjoying your life, you are able to flourish and bloom.”

The concept for the book came from motivational sessions she conducted via her website in September last year.

“I thought I should make this a physical book they could hold. I was focused on all the negative news and it was just going to make me anxious. Why not focus on something positive and at the end I will have something that can inspire others.”

She looked at the things that were the most challenging in life, what sways your thought, beliefs and what you feel.

“It is very difficult to feel positive and move forward. If you always feel negative about yourself it is difficult to move forward.”

In the book, she discusses boundaries and how not having them leads to exhaustion and resentment.

“The book is personal and every single affirmation that is in there – such as the words of I am happy, I am confident, I am creative or determined – those are things I thought are the most powerful things to tap into.”

The 21 points explored in the book were things she challenged herself with, such as how to stay energetic.

“My learning curves would be staying full of joy at all times. Even when one gets bad news, how can you deal with it and how can you process it.”

There are 15-minute daily activities which are designed for someone to do easily in a busy schedule. “It gives you focus points for the day. It breaks affirmations down for you and you can grasp it. You can focus on gratitude.”

Dramat will host a workshop called Strategise Your Outstanding Life on March 13 via her website.

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