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Hyderabad: The ruckus at the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) annual general meeting (AGM) on Sunday, when charges and counters between two former Indian Test players flew thick and fast has caused much heartburn in the fraternity.
“What has happened yesterday was the finishing touch to what has been done by these three or four office-bearers in the last 30 years. Unfortunately, in the last one-and-half-years, it has gone beyond control because the strength and composition of the Apex Council is so small that there is no accountability,” said former HCA secretary PR Man Singh.
The war of words between president Mohd Azharuddin and others led by former presidents Arshad Ayub and N Shivlal Yadav over the appointment of the Ombudsman is just the tip of the iceberg. The HCA has been plagued with several issues over the years, namely lack of transparency in financial and selection matters.
In September 2019, the Azharuddin-led panel, backed by both Ayub and Yadav, had swept the elections but the bonhomie didn’t last. Lack of coordination among the Apex Council members soon surfaced. Azharuddin, who feels that he has been elected to clean up the system but is unable to carry his team of office-bearers with him, took up the appointment of the Ombudsman in late 2019. The matter was discussed in the Apex Council and secretary R Vijayanand had also written to Justice Verma for his consent.
In June last year, the Apex Council had decided to appoint Justice Verma, subject to ratification at the AGM. Things went smoothly till some members complained to Justice Verma about the issue of multiple clubs. After going through the issue, Justice Verma sent notices to two office-bearers. Thereafter members started a campaign to ensure Verma’s appointment was not ratified at the AGM.
There are other issues which need urgent attention. One of them is the selection of state teams. This issue was highlighted by former captain Ambati Rayudu in a tweet, which resulted in a war of words between him and Azharuddin. Rayudu left Hyderabad and played for Andhra this season. The selection of the team for Vijay Hazare tournament drew a lot of flak too.
“At least after yesterday’s episode, if the representatives who attended the meeting and the people who matter don’t open their eyes, even God will not be able to help HCA or Hyderabad cricket,” added Man Singh.

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