Importance of Chubba Purdy cleared for summer

FSU football is in a much better situation at the quarterback position going into 2021 than in recent years.

Both Jordan Travis and McKenzie Milton have college starting experience and look capable of running Mike Norvell’s offense at a high level.

However, both quarterbacks are susceptible to injuries. Travis is dynamic in the run game and isn’t afraid to sacrifice his body for team success. However, Travis isn’t near as effective as a quarterback when limited in the past.

He’s added some weight and looks improved in the passing game, which should help. Everyone knows about the injury McKenzie Milton suffered in 2018, and he looked great physically during the spring game.

However, the unknown of how will his body respond to getting hit for the first time is out there.

The only problem with that is we won’t know the answer to that until he’s in a real game. Tate Rodemaker doesn’t look like he’s going to be ready anytime soon, if at all. When the lights come on, he hasn’t shown the ability to rise to the occasion.

That’s why Chubba Purdy getting clearance to return to workouts this summer is huge news.

Purdy has an injury history of his own. The broken collarbone suffered, and complications have caused him to miss quite a bit of time. He’s been taking mental reps, but those are not the same as actual practice.

The Noles will need an insurance policy in the event both Travis and Milton get dinged up with injuries. The chances of both getting hurt and not being available are probably low, but having another option that has shown flashes in limited time is valuable.

Purdy will have the summer and fall camp to get reps in the offense and should be a solid third option for the Noles in 2021 if he can stay healthy.

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