“I Will Knock You Out Within 5 Rounds Boxing or MMA”: Dillon Danis and Ryan Garcia Agreed To Fight Each Other During an Instagram Live

Dillon Danis and Ryan Garcia talked about a potential Boxing and an MMA contest during an Instagram live session.

While his close friend Conor McGregor is scheduled to make his much-awaited comeback in the Octagon this Saturday, Dillon Danis also has plans to indulge in a bout in near future.

Recently speculations were rife about Danis and Jake Paul being linked for a boxing match, however, it’s been a while since the two got embedded in the same line, therefore it seems the world has moved on from the once potential boxing matchup.

However, maybe not with Jake but Danis would still enter in the ring as the fighter is no short of disputes.

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Dillon Danis and Ryan Garcia Agreed To Fight Each Other During an Instagram Live

On Thursday Via an Instagram live Dillon Danis and current WBC Interim lightweight champion Ryan Garcia reached an agreement about in-ring contests.

The pair on social media came to an accord that both will enter each other’s forte, i.e., Danis will fight Garcia in the boxing ring and in-turn Garcia will enter the field of MMA for a future one-on-one with Danis.

In the past, King Ryan and Danis have involved in a social media back-and-forth. Last year the two fired shots at each other on Twitter.

Here’s what happened on the micro-blogging website.

While the Instagram chat was more cordial but taking into account the Twitter tussle, a cross-dimensional event where Dillon Danis and Ryan Garcia could headline can take place.

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