How Dentists Can Help MMA Fighters

MMA fighting is rapidly taking the world by storm with new fight studios opening up every day. MMA, being a rather physical and brutal sport, involves fists landing on the fighters face and mouth, meaning dentists come in very handy in the MMA industry. There are so many ways in which dentists can help MMA fighters, thus why you should go big in this sector.

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If you are a dentist looking to market your website to reach a broader audience in the mixed martial arts sphere, then the internet is definitely where you need to start. But worry not if you don’t know your way around the hectic technology stuff. Check out ApricotDental SEO for insight into building and designing your website, some FAQs, and internet marketing, among other things. 

Importance of Dental SEO

More dentists are coming to terms with the need for optimizing their websites:

  1. Your website will rank higher in internet search results.
  2. Your competitors are doing it.
  3. Most people rely on the internet to search for dentists in their area.
  4. You get more traffic on your website, which translates to more business.

Mixed Martial Arts and Oral Hygiene

Picture this, a fist comes flying your way and makes a landing on your face, and you spit out 2 or 3 teeth at the very least. That right there is the fun associated with Mixed Martial Arts. It may sound sadistic, but the fact is, MMA can be a brutal sport. 

Now with this in mind, venturing your dental practice into the MMA industry is a lucrative business where you can get to offer consultations to the fighters on how to protect their oral health and the best procedures that can be done in case any damage is already done.

Dental Care Procedures for MMA Fighters


Biting down on mouth guards makes it almost unavoidable for MMA fighters to chip or fracture their teeth due to the constant grinding that wears down the tooth’s surface and causes cracks. In this case, if the damage is not too bad, the dentist might recommend getting the teeth crowned.

Dental Implants

As exhilarating as it sounds or looks depending on how you look at it, taking one too many punches to the face means having to deal with a few loose teeth, if not all of them. When this happens, getting dental implants is a secure and non-intrusive procedure that most MMA fighters might opt to take a chance on.

As a professional in your field there might be other procedures that you might recommend. According to c view inc., these are the best procedures for MMA fighters. 

How to Choose the Best Mouthguard

Even though a mouthguard contributes to harming the teeth. Advising your client to follow these guidelines will help them get the right one for the sport:

  1. Get the right fit to feel comfortable and secure without the need to clench to hold it.
  2. Get a certified mouthguard that has gone through the CE approval process for impact tests.
  3. Look for comfort features to help the mouthguard sit comfortably in your mouth, e.g., a brace compatible mouthguard if you wear braces.

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