‘Hockey’ — OYO Rooms campaign highlights other Indian sports while the rests rely upon cricket during IPL 2021

The recent campaign by OYO rooms regarding a the need to highlight other sports has gone viral on Twitter. As per the pictures that have flooded social media sites, it mentions that users will be eligible for a discount of up to 45% on any bookings made on OYO rooms. Users can claim this benefit by mentioning the word ‘HOCKEY‘ while making online bookings.

They have also stressed the importance of recognising other sports in light of the ongoing cricket craze that always tends to malign sporting craze in one specific area. One such sport is Hockey. Despite the recent feat of the men’s team that beat the current Olympic Champions Argentina, over the course of their test series, it seems to have been brushed under the carpet since the IPL began. OYO end the advertisement by mentioning a brilliant catchphrase that stresses on the importance of remembering sports more often than usual. “45% more maybe? This definitely strikes a chord with a majority of Indian sports fans who seem to often ignore the merits and achievements of Indian sportspersons who are working day and night to bring glory to the nation.

This will continue over the course of the next seven weeks with every week featuring a different sport. And with the Olympics coming closer, the need for such campaigns and initiatives is important. Hats off to OYO rooms for this initiative!

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