Hockey Moose set to return against Denver | Sports features

After a hiatus of about two months, the Jackson Hole Moose hockey games are back.

The Moose suspended operations after the season opened in early November, as a COVID-19 outbreak at all levels of hockey forced the Snow King Sports and Events Center to temporarily close.

When the games return – starting with a Jan. 29-30 streak with the Denver Leafs – it will be very different from the season opener, when fan participation was capped at 250.

Moose general manager Bob Carruth said Monday that the Moose games will adopt the attendance policy enforced by the sports of Jackson Hole Youth Hockey and Jackson Hole High School as of now. Each player will be allowed to donate two tickets to whichever one they choose, and Carruth said this policy will be enforced safely. No food or drink will be sold during the matches.

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