Heer’s fake death leaves Virat in shock

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Heer asking Kinnars not to beat him and asks Angel to leave him. Angel and her kinnars beat him. Harak Singh, Preeto, Sant Baksh and others come to the temple. They see Heer-Virat’s pic and says they were here, then where did they go? Then they hear Heer shouting Virat and go to the bridge, to see Angel and kinnars beating Virat. Sant Baksh shouts asking Angel to leave her son. Angel continues to beat Virat. Heer runs to Angel, takes the hockey stick from her hand and asks why are you beating him so much. She says I promise that he will go away from my life and will not come back. Angel pushes Heer and the latter fall down from the bridge in the water, although Virat tried to hold her hand. Everyone gets shocked to see her fallen in the water. Naseeba song plays….Heer recalls her moments with everyone, while falling down. Virat is shocked and recalls their moments. Naseeba song continues to play. Preeto tries to jump, but Harak singh stops her. Virat shouts Heer and jumps in the water. Sant Baksh and Parmeet shout Virat. Virat searches for Heer in the water, but couldn’t find her.

In the evening, Virat comes running to the hospital. Parmeet asks him to stop. Virat goes to the hospital morgue. Sant Baksh, Parmeet, Preeto, Harak Singh come there. Inspector says villagers told that crocodile attacked her, although they tried to save her. Preeto insists to see the face. Doctor says you can’t identity the body as it is badly disfigured and tells that they have to see her stuff and identify the body. He shows Heer’s jhumkas. Preeto identifies it to be Heer’s jhumkas. Virat refuses to believe that this is of Heer. He sees her face, but couldn’t identify. Doctor asks if your wife was a kinnar and says postmortem report confirms that this body is of a kinnar. Virat drops the cloth back on the dead body and sits down in shock. Parmeet holds him. Virat says she can’t be Heer. He shouts Heer and cries. Preeto and Harak Singh cry too.

Later everyone gather for the last rites of the body. Virat takes rounds around the dead body holding the leaked water pot. Everyone thinks of their moments with Heer. Sant Baksh, Parmeet and others are there too. Virat drops the pot after completing the ritual. Saya comes there and says our Heer got freed from this kinnar body and asks Preeto to let them do her final rites as the kinnar, so that they can get her mukti which a kinnar shall get. Shanno smiles happily. Preeto goes to Saya and says my daughter had only one dream, to become a bride. She says her dream fulfilled with her marriage with Virat, but she couldn’t live as a married woman due to her identity. She says let her go from this world as the married woman. She says the story which started with your curse, ended on this pyre. She says my Heer…Saya recalls cursing Preeto to go through the same fate as them. She feels bad. Preeto says my daughter….Harak Singh holds Preeto. Rohan asks Saya to look at Virat once and says he left living to get her, but she has left him and everyone. He says don’t you think that Virat has the right to say good bye to her for the last time. Veeran says we all loved her so much and that guy named his life for her. He asks her to let him do the last rites. Harak Singh also asks her to let it happen. Chameli tells Saya that Heer stayed as their grand daughter, so let them do the last rites of Heer. Virat recalls Heer telling that she will never leave him. He holds the firestick and gives fire to the body. Shanno smiles, while everyone cries. Preeto cries badly. Harak Singh asks her to stop crying.

The bell rings in the temple. Heer is shown standing far and seeing everyone mourning and crying for her death, while Virat still in shock. She says don’t feel bad that I have gone, I was a thorn in everyone’s neck and now I am gone. She says everyone will forget this pain slowly. Everyone leaves from there. Virat is still standing. Heer says I died, so that you can live. She says it will be good if you don’t come to know about how it happened? She says she will pray to Mata Rani to make her complete in next birth, asks him to be happy and says I will be happy to see you happy. She cries and walks back. Naseeba song plays again. Virat starts walking from there. Heer is walking barefeet. They walk in opposite direction. Virat doesn’t see her and walk in shock.

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