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Hamilton, Schumacher, Alonso, Vettel: Net worth of the richest F1 drivers

Have you ever wondered who the richest of an ultra-rich group of F1 drivers is?

There’s many names that pop up in the mind, as do the figures that they must possess, but the question remains, who are the top 10?

Well, here’s a definitive list of the top 10 richest drivers in the sport’s history, as per RacingNews365.

10. Nico Rosberg 

Nico Rosberg might have only spent a few years plying his trade on the track, but over that short period, he did not merely win a world championship in 2016, but also, earned considerable sums.

The German-Finnish speedster currently has a net worth of $30 million, coupled with many other entrepreneurial forays, like the Rosberg Extreme E team. Not bad, Nico.

9. Sebastian Vettel

We have got another German here in Sebastian Vettel. The Aston Martin star has, unlike his counterpart Nico, spent a fair few years at the elite level and, unsurprisingly, he has a net worth that currently stands at $50 million.

As it stands, he has a three-year contract worth $17 million with Aston Martin, and of course, a few sponsors.

8. David Coulthard

As impressive as David Coulthard might have been behind the steering wheel – he won 13 Grands Prix in total – it is what he has done off the circuit that has really filled his bags with cash aplenty.

The Scotsman has about $70 million up his sleeve, which is mostly down to his properties and hotels in London, Monaco and Switzerland.

7. Jenson Button

Next on the list is the iconic Brit Jenson Button. In a career that spanned a good few years, he won one world championship with Brawn GP – which was a shock – and a lot of currency.

His net worth is an astonishing $105 million, which is inclusive of one beautiful luxury yacht. He also makes decent sums as a pundit.

6. Eddie Irvine

Eddie Irvine’s life has to be the envy of many. Across 10 years in the sport, he raced alongside the legendary Michael Schumacher at Ferrari in addition to his stints at Jordan and Jaguar.


As if plying his trade alongside Schumi wasn’t enough, he then dug really deep into property investment and built an empire so huge that his worth is at a whooping $180 million. Oh, and he also has an $18 million yacht formerly owned by Nicolae Ceausescu. Yes, the Romanian dictator.

5. Alain Prost

The greatest Frenchman to have ever graced the circuit. Alain Prost won four titles, and while that is where many would call it a day, he wasn’t to be stopped.

He then got himself into the world of investment, and the result? A net worth of $180 million.

4. Kimi Raikkonen

There was a point in time where Kimi Raikkonen was named the highest paid athlete in the world. That was in 2009, and he has shown no signs of stopping 12 years later!

The 41-year old has spent over a decade at the wheel and it is no surprise that his net worth stands at $200 million.


3. Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso’s quite ancient, too, considering that he won his two world championships in 2005 and 2006 with Renault. That’s a decade-and-a-half back. Feel old yet?

But anyway, having been here forever, the Spaniard has a net worth valued at $220 million, a figure that will further rise as he continues in the sport.

Most of you must have thought he’d be at the top, but he isn’t. The seven-time champion has broken all sorts of records over the last few years, and the finances have followed suit.

His net worth is close to $300 million, thanks to his $30 million salary with Mercedes and the many sponsorship deals.

1. Michael Schumacher

The legendary Michael Schumacher, as was the case when he raced, sits right at the pinnacle. For all of the fame that Hamilton has, few would argue that at the peak of his powers, Schumacher was a true hero, a true inspiration and the sport’s greatest icon.


The German won a total of seven championships, four of them in succession. Whoever witnessed that dominance and an unmatched aura would not be shocked at all to find out that his net worth is more than three times that of Hamilton. It is estimated to be $780 million. Yes, that’s correct.

It is unfortunate that he suffered a head injury in 2013, but he continues to fight his way back like the true champion we know he is.

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