Guillaume Latendresse wants to have fun at TVA Sports

As when he was playing, former Montreal Canadiens striker Guillaume Latendresse insists on the importance of being “well prepared”, but he also intends to have fun in his new role as analyst during the matches of the French nationals on the TVA Sports network.

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Latendresse will be present on Saturday during the game between the CH and the Calgary Flames. We will see him during the pre-match, during the intermissions, but also after the matches at Dave Morissette Live.

“I want to analyze, but with a certain lightness, we will try to have fun,” said Latendresse when reached by phone on Friday.

The 33-year-old father of two, Latendresse is a busy man. The possibility of having fun comes at the top of his criteria when it comes time to accept a new project.

This contract with TVA Sports, he negotiated it with a very special clause, to be in the company of his faithful companion Maxim Lapierre, with whom he launched the podcast The Blue Pocket and its many derivative products.

“Maxim and I want to stay as authentic as possible,” he said. We want to break the taboo that hockey players are not accessible. We are common people. ”

At his request, Latendresse found himself involved in TVA Sports only during the Canadiens’ matches.

“I was not looking to come back to television at any cost, but it was important for me that it was during the Canadiens’ games, I am very lucky to make a living with hockey,” said the one who is also director general and director of the development program with the residents of Collège Charles-Lemoyne, at the midget AAA level.

“Team guys”

At TVA Sports, Latendresse finds Lapierre, but also Louis Jean and Dave Morissette, among others.

“Dave, he’s a bad guy, he’s a team guy. In fact, all those with whom I will be at TVA Sports are team guys, ”said Latendresse.

Team guys with whom he is sure he will have a lot of fun.

– From 6 p.m. on Saturday, the whole TVA Sports team will be at the Bell Center for the presentation of the match between the Canadian and the Flames, including the pre-game and the program Dave Morissette live.

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