Golf Course the Hot Topic During Final Council CIP Workshop

The Storm Lake City Council this week held their final workshop on the 2022-2026 proposed capital improvement plan.

One change made is moving the Seneca Street reconstruction project up two years to 2023.

Discussion resumed on money going toward the Sunrise Pointe Golf Course, which is getting over 503-thousand dollars over the five-year period. City Finance Director Brian Oakleaf shared information on golf course revenue that was previously requested by Council Member Tyson Rice…(audio clip below)

Oakleaf estimated three-thousand rounds of golf played at the course by non-members per season, with a total of approximately six to eight-thousand rounds. He said Storm Lake residents subsidize between 45 and 85-thousand dollars to the course each year, and said other communities subsidize their city courses in the same way Storm Lake does.

Council Member Rice questioned at what point the City chose golf as the sport to subsidize that amount of money…(audio clip below)

Oakleaf said King’s Pointe is considering across the board rate increases, and acknowledged keeping things status quo at the golf course isn’t the solution.

Council Member Jose Ibarra agreed with Rice, saying that the Council has had to turn down money requests for other sports, and said it doesn’t make sense to be spending so much on the golf course.

Council Member Dan Smith said they’re providing a service to the community with the golf course, and they need to find a way to keep it going.

Council Member Rice said he just wants the golf course to be able to run properly. He suggested whoever is in charge of the course to visit with the Council each month during the season about its status,. Mayor Mike Porsch agreed, and suggested that someone should inform the Council about the plans for the course at the beginning of the season.

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