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On the night of July 3, he was the Most Vulnerable Player.

He was one of the young and the strong who, we’re told, couldn’t be stopped by COVID-19. But  Freddie Freeman, two months short of his 31st birthday, was broiling with a 104.3 degree fever and frozen by unprecedented fear.

That, he said, was the night when he reached up to his Lord and said, “Please don’t take me.”

On Nov. 12, Freeman became the National League’s Most Valuable Player. He also could have won Comeback Player of the Year. He began the season as a shadow of himself and wound up overshadowing the league, as the Braves won the N.L. East for the third consecutive season..

“I was with him at his house in Corona del Mar,” said Fred Freeman, the dad who runs the family accounting business in Villa Park. “Usually they tell you if you’ve won the award or not. This time it didn’t leak out. Freddie’s agent found out and called him and Freddie said, ‘No, I don’t want to know.’ So he waited 45 minutes. The reaction you saw was genuine and emotional.

“It’s really hard to believe,and I’m his father. I told him after his start that he’d be doing well to hit .290.”

Instead Freeman hit .341. The first baseman was second in the league in batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, on-base percentage and first in runs and doubles. He hit .423 with men in scoring position.

After 13 games he was hitting .190, but a double and a home run against the Blue Jays got him situated, and fifteen games later he was hitting .302.


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