Former NASCAR Star Reportedly Being Pushed For Political Run

Former NFL star Herschel Walker wasn’t the only former star athlete mentioned for a potential political run this week.

Earlier this week, former president Donald Trump named Herschel Walker as someone he’d like to see make a run at the U.S. Senate. Walker, a Georgia native, could run in his home state. That is something the former U.S. president would like to see.

Walker is not the only former notable athlete getting mentioned for a potential political run.

Former NASCAR star Carl Edwards is someone whose name is being floated for a possible political move.

Jason Hancock of the Missouri Independent listed some candidates for the seat that will be vacated by Roy Blunt. Former NASCAR star Carl Edwards’ name was on that list.

“Another name coming up a lot this morning,” Hancock started in the tweet. “Retired NASCAR driver Carl Edwards. He was among those who publicly considered a run in 2018 against then-U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill.”

Edwards has previously admitted to thinking about running.

“I believe in America, and I believe that the Constitution is the set of rules that let us have all this success and this freedom,” Edwards told SiriusXM Radio in 2018. “And I think, like anyone, I care about that being there for generations to come. So yeah, if sometime in the future, there’s a chance for me to help that cause – to try to lend some assistance to not letting us get off track – then heck yeah, I’d consider it. But no, there’s no campaign started. I am not going to be doing anything anytime soon.”

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