Flag football: West outlasts Hillgrove to win historic state title


West played a mistake-free first half. Twice Hillgrove drove the ball to the red zone, but the Wolverines’ defense shut out Hillgrove twice, with Dornan’s first interception coming right in front of the end zone. 

The defense forced a Hillgrove three-and-out to start the second half, but Dornan’s first pass attempt was batted down at the line and intercepted. 

Hillgrove scored their first touchdown. After the offenses exchanged punts, Dornan’s pass bounced off of the receiver’s chest and was intercepted again. Hillgrove drove down the field to tie the game, but their extra point was stopped by a Dornan dive tackle. 

“That’s how every state championship should be played,” Pruitt said. “Down to the wire. It’s good that GHSA did it with the boys game attached to it, because it gives an opportunity for everyone to see what it was like. There is a place for girls football.” 

When asked what being a pioneer of girls’ flag football meant to her, Dornan said she hopes her performance on the field shows how tough girls can be on the football field. 

“I speak for me and I speak for all the girls on the team when I say that we are excited to be pioneers because we didn’t have that,” Dornan said. “I hope this encourages more girls to play.” 

West finished second in the region during the regular season. Throughout the state playoff bracket, the Wolverines outscored their opponents 102-26 up until the championship game. Their 35-0 victory against McEachern in the Elite Eight was the most points scored in tournament play. 

Despite their performance throughout tournament play, Dornan credited superstition to not even thinking about how the team would celebrate for a state championship. 

“I reckon there’s gonna be a lot of noise and I’m not gonna be able to hear anything for the next week,” Dornan said. 


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