Fantasy cricket games like Howzat drive the gaming industry’s revenue

Games are an intrinsic part of our culture, but from real-world games to virtual reality, how we play games has changed drastically with the times. India’s online gaming industry’s dawn dates back to the 2000s, when PC and console gaming brought many Indians to digital gaming platforms. During the mid-2000s, online gaming consisted largely of social games, but now the gaming scenario has changed completely in India. Fantasy sports have emerged as a thriving industry in recent years in the country, and out of all the fantasy sports apps, Howzat is one of the most trusted fantasy sports apps on the web.

You will agree that the growth of mobile gaming has accelerated with the introduction of multiplayer online games. These games have helped increase revenue multifold. The multiplayer format of gaming, which was only popular on desktops, is now becoming popular with mobile users. Smartphones have reached the masses, which is helping multiplayer gaming. Games like Howzat, which allows you to play fantasy cricket and other fantasy sports with players from across the country, bring together sports lovers from across the country in a multiplayer environment where they select an upcoming match of their choice, use their sports knowledge to create fantasy teams, and participate in cash or free contests.

India is a fast-growing online gaming industry and has already become a billion-dollar industry. India’s large population of 1.38 billion people attracts many global companies to turn to India for investment. These investments also help the online gaming industry in the country to grow. According to Statista, the industry’s revenue is likely to grow from approximately $295 million in 2020 to $531 million by 2025 at a CAGR of 12.5 percent and from a user penetration of 8 percent in 2020 to 10.2 percent by 2025.

Certified online multiplayer fantasy sports apps like Howzat are perfectly legal, and players can play fantasy sports online for real money and win money in a legal way. Not just that, fantasy sports gaming allows a viewer to turn into an active participant in the sport. And that is a big motivation for players to play games anywhere at just about any time. Fantasy gaming has bridged the gap between sports fans and sports players who play on the ground. Fantasy sports are played in real time with real people and alongside real-world matches. Participants can test their sports knowledge and compete with sports fans from across the country. Playing favorite fantasy sports alongside real-world matches gives sports fans a thrill and the feeling of actively playing the game they love. If a user does not know how to play fantasy cricket, for example, they can download a trusted app like Howzat and check out the detailed tutorials and tips on playing the sport and selecting their own teams on the app.

One of the main reasons for the skyrocketing revenue of the gaming industry is that popular Indian games like cricket are now accessible digitally and can be played on the mobile phone. Availability of games is not just limited to computers now; there are mobile apps too. And downloading apps from the Play Store or App Store is easy. As stated in a report on India’s trillion-dollar digital opportunity by McKinsey and Co., the country has exceeded 7.7 billion app downloads. Players are no longer hesitant to invest money in productive gaming that allows them to win real money. A lot of players today have a budget set aside for gaming and play real money games regularly.

The revenue generated by online gaming will only increase in the years to come as fantasy sports are also growing tremendously in the country. Especially during the IPL, fantasy cricket app like Howzat witness a surge in the number of users, resulting in quick growth of the industry’s revenue. Online mobile gaming is leading the gaming industry and gaming companies are developing more and more games suited to smartphones, especially multiplayer games. As smartphones become affordable for more people, more people will join mobile gaming in the years to come, which will further catalyze the gaming industry’s revenue growth.

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