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‘F1 can now react quickly to change’

In 2020, the Formula 1 season started much later than planned, due to the coronavirus. In the end, there was still a decent season, but it took quite some effort to get it all up and running. This year, Formula 1 starts again more or less at a normal time and more races are planned, but it is definitely not without its challenges.

Responding quickly

With the unknown of the pandemic in 2020, it was necessary to postpone the start of the season for a long time. This was to get all the protocols and safety regulations in order. This eventually succeeded and despite some corona cases here and there, it did not hamper the sport as a whole and that is an important conclusion to take to 2021.

The upcoming season will start in Bahrain, as Australia had to be postponed due to strict coronavirus measures. This time it will not lead to a delayed start of the season, but ‘just’ an adjustment of the schedule. This is possible because of the lessons Formula 1 learned in 2020, says new F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali at Racer.

Formula 1 is now able to respond appropriately to suddenly changing situations without immediately compromising the bigger picture. This also means that the 2021 calendar can change at any time with possibly other circuits on the calendar than originally planned. All this to reach at least 23 races, as was actually planned in 2020.

Domenicali: “The global pandemic has not yet allowed life to return to normal, but we showed in 2020 that we can race safely as the first international sport to return and we have the experience and plans in place to deliver on our season.”

“It is great news that we have already been able to agree a rescheduled date for the Australian Grand Prix in November and are continuing to work with our Chinese colleagues to find a solution to race there in 2021 if something changes,” in short, people are now shifting gears much faster and with the Italian’s words, we get some confirmation on a ‘normal’ and full season.

“Obviously, the virus situation remains fluid, but we have the experience from last season with all our partners and promoters to adapt accordingly and safely in 2021,” Domenicali said in conclusion.

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