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Ex-Sato 2002 Jordan F1 car offered for track day drivers

In the round-up: A refurbished 2002-specification Jordan F1 car has been made available for members of the public to drive.

Drive the 2002 Jordan EJ12

Takuma Sato’s 2002 Jordan F1 chassis has been refitted and is available to book for track day experiences at Bovingdon Airfield in Herfordshire, UK.

The car’s original Honda V10 engine has been replaced with a 3-litre Judd, requiring visible changes to the engine cover, and cutting power from 835bhp to 600bhp.

However the car remains in its classic yellow Jordan colours. According to operator TrackDays, it is the only example of a Jordan EJ12 in drive-able condition. Packages start at £999 for a five-hour training and driving session, culminating in 10 laps in the F1 chassis – not cheap, but the chassis is estimated to be worth around £250,000.

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