Ex-MP Warns Girls with Disparaging Remarks


Joice George, former MP from Idukki, makes disparaging remarks against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi warning girls to be ‘weary’ while dealing with Rahul as he is a bachelor.

“Rahul Gandhi’s programme is that he will only go to women’s college. He will go there and teach girls to bend. My dear children please don’t bend and stand in front of him, he has not married. This is what his program is,” George said.

George was speaking at an election campaign for MM Mani in Idukki district of Kerala. He is a former independent MP supported by Left Democratic Front (LDF).

The remark from the former MP comes a week after Rahul Gandhi was seen giving Aikido lessons at St Teresa’s College in Kochi last Monday on the request of a student.

Rahul Gandhi, who is trained in the Japanese martial art Aikido, demonstrated how one woman can resist being pushed by some seven others by using their energy to hold the ground.

Helping the young woman get her posture correct and showed her the technique of the Aikido principle, Gandhi had said, “There is a problem. Women do not understand their power. They do not understand how their power works and where their power comes from. And that is the whole point of empowerment.”

“Society wants to convince you that you are less powerful. Don’t buy it. No woman in this room should be under the illusion that they are less powerful,” he had added.

Kerala Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala condemning the statement called for a complaint against George for insulting women and Rahul Gandhi. “A Case should be registered against him (Joice George). He made comments insulting women, (and) also insulted Rahul Gandhi,” Chennithala said.

The Congress leader was also seen taking a push-up challenge during another interaction with students in Tamil Nadu.

The Congress leader has been campaigning in the poll-bound Sothern states attending rallies and interacting with people.


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