Evert speaks to Azarenka in new One-On-One series

Chris Evert’s recently launched WTA One-On-One series dropped its fourth episode on Wednesday. The new show offers fans a genuine and authentic conversation between Evert and her guests, including intriguing and even never-before heard tidbits from the world’s best. 

This week Victoria Azarenka joined the 18-time major champion to discuss her winning mentality and some of the events that that shaped who she is as a player. 

The two-time Grand Slam champion talked about taking advantage of opportunities and not taking anything for granted. One particular event that happened when she was only 10-years-old made her realize opportunities can easily be taken away. It was her first time coming to the United States to play an event and by one wrong decision, it denied her of the chance to compete. 

“I did something really bad and they punished me for it,” Azarenka said of the host family. “It’s so silly! I jumped in the pool where you are not supposed to jump. I was a 10-year-old kid, right? So they said I wasn’t listening, I wasn’t behaving well, so they sent me home and I wasn’t able to play the tournament.”

Azarenka went on to explain how bad it made her feel. She was left feeling passionate about proving that family wrong and in turn it left her with a strong drive and determination going forward. 

“I was like I’m never going to lose an opportunity like that again.” 

There’s no hard feelings towards that family. In fact, Azarenka still speaks to them and has played tennis with their daughter on one occasion. The world No. 15 also talked about her son Leo, the relationship she had with her mom and the challenges she embraced when playing Serena and other top opponents. 

“I always look at her as a player that’s going to make me suffer, but also make me better,” Azarenka said of Serena. 

Evert will be back next week with an all-new episode.

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