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England will likely beat Georgia with relative ease but the road to the 2023 World Cup starts here


“Eddie has told me that I have free rein to go where I want,” said Joseph.

“I won’t be picking and going like Jack Nowell does, that’s for sure. But I’ll look to get into second and third receiver positions where possible so that I can get my hands on the ball a bit earlier. I want to execute for the boys outside me. I’m looking forward to it because I’ve got a free licence to do what I want, so hopefully I’ll get some good opportunities out there to add to the team.”

It is a sign of the remarkable depth in this England squad that the changes do nothing to dilute the physicality and power game at Jones’ disposal yet it is up to the players to press forward with the evolution of the squad.

Success by the end of this four-week campaign will not be solely based on winning the tournament but whether those new faces are able to prove they are capable of taking the significant step of translating their Premiership form onto the international stage.

If the likes of Willis, Stuart and Lawrence can step up, England will go into the next Six Nations armed with a new emerging generation of powerhouse talent.

“What we have spoken about since the World Cup is that Eddie has set the bar high and talked about wanting to be the best team that has ever played the game and to be remembered as the best ever,” said Jonny May, who is now just three tries short of becoming England’s second-highest leading try-scorer of all time.

“He has challenged us to go from an 80 per cent team to a 90 per cent one so we have a big task on our hands and that is what we want to achieve. We want to win every game and get better on the way.   “But in games like this it really is a case of having the mindset to compete with ourselves and work on our own game and focus on ourselves. Our prep this week has very much been about how can we develop our game, all of the strands of our game that makes us England rugby, in our DNA, how we can keep pushing those things further on, how can we keep challenging ourselves to be better at all the parts of our game that we pride ourselves on.”


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