Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Interview Airs on WWE Talking Smack

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WWE Talking Smack on Friday night featured a segment with The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, being interviewed by NFL Insider and FOX host Jay Glazer. Though the segment was promoted by FS1 earlier in the day on Friday to hype up the Talking Smack broadcast, what aired was something that Glazer recorded with Johnson back in November for his “One Glass with Jay Glazer” series.

The brief segment featured Johnson discussing his initial heel turn back in 1997. He talked about how he was a stereotypical, smiling babyface when he started in the company in 1996 (at the Survivor Series) and was unmercifully boo’ed by the wrestling audience. He even referenced the infamous “Die, Rocky, Die” chants.

Johnson then went into discussing how he joined The Nation of Domination alongside Ron Simmons (Faarooq). After joining the Nation, Johnson recounted how he went to Vince McMahon and asked for two minutes with a live microphone to speak with the crowd, unscripted, on a live edition of Monday Night Raw.

That promo, his first as a heel, ended up being an incredibly memorable segment. Johnson talked about some lines he said during it and how it enthralled the crowd because they knew there was a thread of reality in everything he was saying.

Glazer, for his part, was shocked that Johnson, a rookie at the time, had the guts to go to McMahon and ask for that kind of opportunity on the show. Johnson agreed, saying a two minute live microphone segment during a time when Raw was only two hours wasn’t an easy ask for someone in that position. He also said that he told McMahon that if he sucked, he never had to let him do it again.

Check out a clip below.

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