Doimukh Cricket Assn defeats Itanagar Cricket Club by 57 runs to win test series

DOIMUKH, 29 Apr: Doimukh Cricket Association defeated Itanagar Cricket Club by 57 runs in the 3rd test match and claimed the series 2-1 at the PDCA ground in Emchi here on Thursday.

Winning the toss and opting to bat first, Doimukh Cricket Association could not get the momentum against the bowling attack of Itanagar Cricket Club and scored 160 runs in 45 overs with all wickets out.

Techi Neri scored 47 runs, while Teshi Tiku, Nabam Kama and Nabam Doll contributed 28, 19 and 16 runs, respectively.

Kengo Bam took five wickets, while Yab Nia and Kale Cheda took three and two wickets, respectively for Itanagar Cricket Club.

In the second innings, Itanagar Cricket Club could not last against the bowling attack of Doimukh Cricket Association and was able to score 157 (all out) in 48.3 overs.

Gedak Ete scored 37 runs, while Kengo Bam, Biki Kumar and Manoj Singh contributed 32, 30 and 21 runs, respectively.

Nabam Doll and Techi Neri took four wickets each, while Techi Doria took two wickets.

Gaining a lead of three runs and opening their innings again, Doimukh Cricket Association scored 188/10 (57.4 overs).

Techi Neri scored 57 run, while Nabam Kama, Techi Sania and Techi Kagung contributed 27, 20 and 19 runs, respectively, for their team.

Limar Dabi took five wickets, Kengo Bam and Nabam Tempol shared two wickets each, and Yab Nia claimed a wicket for ICC.

Chasing the target of 192 to win, Itanagar Cricket Club could score 134/10 (all out) in 57.1 overs, thus losing the match and series.

Kengo Bam scored 33 runs while Biki Kumar, Suraj Tayam and Limar Dabi contributed 25, 18 and 13 runs, respectively, for their team.

Nabam Doll took five wickets while Techi Neri took three. Techi Doria and Nabam Tarin shared a wicket each.

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