Disc golf enthusiasts open one-stop shop in East Peoria

EAST PEORIA (HOI) — A unique, up-and-coming sport is gaining a lot of popularity lately, and one local group is helping to bring the hype to Central Illinois.

The 309 Disc Chuckers Lounge is set to open April 1 in East Peoria so lovers of the sport “disc golf” have a one-stop shop for all of their disc-ing needs.

Disc golf is similar to traditional golf, except players throw small, frisbee-like discs into metal baskets.

Lounge co-owner Donnie Hidden says the sport is blowing up more than he expected it would.

“We actually started as a messenger group on Facebook – it was just a group of 15 guys or so,” Hidden said. “And then next thing we know, we have a membership of over 800 in less than nine months.”

You can find the 309 Disc Chuckers Lounge at 2414 E Washington Street in East Peoria.

Hidden says for now, they’ll sell all the tools and accessories needed to play the game, but soon they’ll expand to offer lessons and other activities.

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