Cricket South Africa mulls majority independent members


Cricket South Africa

The newly-formed Interim Board (IB) of Cricket South Africa (CSA) met to discuss the matter of including a majority of independent members in the cricket board to bring in good governance despite objections from the Members’ Council.

The IB and the Members’ Council of CSA had on Tuesday evening discussed the composition of a future Board, but the Members’ Council is learnt to have raised some objections.

“A non-negotiable principle for the IB is that any future Board is constituted of a majority of independent members. This is a universally accepted principle of good corporate governance and best practice not only in South Africa but around the world. It is also a core recommendation of the Nicholson Report of 2013,” said a statement from Cricket South Africa.

“Arguably, cricket finds itself in the current quagmire of dysfunction because of a lack of independence of the Board. The past failures of good governance and accountability at CSA has led to a regression of our international standing as a cricket-playing nation and our ability to influence the running of the game globally,” added the statement.

The statement from the Interim Board also said that the IB and the Members’ Council had a disagreement on having majority of independent board members. However, the council has agreed to reconsider its position.

“The Members’ Council agreed to reconsider their position and revert to the IB at a final meeting to be held on Saturday, March 20. The IB is confident that it will find the necessary common ground and understanding with the Members’ Council to ensure that sound governance prevails in the future,” said the statement further.

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