College Football Fans React To Alabama’s Struggles Tonight

It’s going to take a while for the Alabama men’s basketball program to get over tonight’s Sweet 16 loss to UCLA.

Alabama, the No. 2 seed in the East Region, was upset by No. 11 seed UCLA in the Sweet 16 on Sunday evening.

The Bruins played well enough to win, but they were aided in victory by some serious free throw struggles from the Crimson Tide.

Alabama, seen by some as a legit national title threat, struggled mightily at the free throw line all evening. The Crimson Tide went 11 for 25 from the free throw line in the overtime loss to the Bruins.

College football fans are joking that Alabama’s free throw line struggles are similar to the Crimson Tide’s field goal kicking struggles.

“Feel like I’m watching Alabama kickers right now with all these free throw misses,” one fan wrote.

“alabama and free throws are the new alabama and kickers,” another fan wrote.

“The irony of Alabama football getting a perfect season from its kicker in a year where it made no difference whatsoever only to watch arguably the best basketball team in school history shoot 11/25 on free throws in a razor-thin loss in the Sweet 16 is very special,” Matt Hinton added.

Tonight is about UCLA, though, and the 11-seeded Bruins are off to the Elite Eight, where they will face No. 1 seed Michigan.

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