Chelsea Football Club – Fulham 0-1 Chelsea (2020/21)

In a world of much restricted movement, Chelsea have got special dispensation here for a Saturday evening date with the neighbors. Brilliant layoffs that look good great communication layup superb you have to say across and it’s a good one was very interested there. He didn’t quite reach him well too much on that one clearance smashed it against the bar. Goodness me doesn’t he get hold of this what a strike? Neatly done you know, Robinson’s got the pace and the head and that’s anyway. this is he still doesn’t shoot. Oh, it’s a brilliant chance for cavalier should have scored best chance of the game even cavalier the goal score has missed it. Anthony Robinson. Now he’s coming hard. There’s seems to be it’s a red card. Oh dear. Yeah, no correct position. referee. There will be someone getting a touch on the end of it. It’s the golden touch. Yeah. there’s there’s a sign isn’t that from the last 200 and nearly caught out and tries to tip it took a quick free kick there and nearly Chelsea. He’s well one side of the box to the other cross and the. Mason is Chelsea’s hero breakthrough finally in the 78 minute. What a relief that is all eyes on you? Peter Banks blow that whistle and he does well reserved celebrations if you can even tell them that from Frank and but that is a massive win for him and his side.

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