Charlotte Flair Reveals Real Reason Behind WWE Hiatus In 2020


Charlotte Flair made her return to WWE television after a six-month hiatus which was the longest of her WWE career, to date. Being a workhorse, she never missed such a long time away from the scene. After so many speculations, she returned at WWE TLC pay-per-view right onto the top by winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles with Asuka.

While Charlotte Flair was away from the scene, a lot of reports were made available on her hiatus. Basically, it was a procedure that kept her apart from wrestling. But WWE recently released a new ‘Day Of’ special, with the latest episode focusing on The Queen which cleared her mindset about the bygone hiatus.

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During the episode aired on the WWE Network, Charlotte Flair opened up about taking such long time-off from WWE. Flair revealed that she had to add to her personal needs instead of postponing them on because of the WWE career. She added that there was a huge need to take a break as her career felt like a standstill.

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Charlotte Flair Reveals Real Reason Behind WWE Hiatus In 2020

“It felt like hard times for the company – as talent, as individuals. But I was like, I need to go home. If I’m not going to do this now I’m never going to do it. When I left I felt so deflated, and it’s not because I wasn’t or didn’t feel creative, I just felt like I was at a standstill. I was working NXT, SmackDown, and RAW. I felt like I was doing the best work of my career, but I was not moving forward. I felt like, well am I letting the company down [because] I’m leaving? I’ve always been there. Regardless of how the fans view me as good or bad, so the last six months I just tried to think about when I do return, what does that look like and what do I want because I have done it all.”

Charlotte Flair Reveals Real Reason Behind WWE Hiatus In 2020 2

Before going into the hiatus, Charlotte Flair was heavily featured on WWE television across all three brands. WWE was relying on her so much that negative feedback was generated which is why she decided to take a break in the first place. Additionally, she got rid of her breast implants so that wrestling could become easy for her.

As of now, it seems that WWE started a new storyline between Charlotte Flair and Ric Flair on RAW Legends Night. Ric ended up helping Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce to beat WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Charlotte and Asuka. Charlotte stared her dad down, got in his face, and advised him to stay out of her business. The tensions continued on RAW Talk where she seemed tired of being labeled as “Ric Flair’s Daughter.”


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