Casey Rogers issues challenge to defensive line

It’s no secret that for Nebraska football to have a successful 2021 season, every single player on the roster is going to have to step up. It seems like some of those players are ready for that challenge already. Just ask Casey Rogers. After a solid 2020 season, Rogers is ready to make an impact in what will be his senior year.

Rogers recorded 24 tackles in 2020.. His best game came against Iowa when he had five tackles.  Now he is looking to build off the season that certainly trended him in the upward direction.

Not only is Rogers ready to step up his game, he thinks the entire defensive line will be able to step up their games as well. This is something we heard from Ty Robinson last week, and I can certainly see it. With the amount of veterans and players who are familiar with the defensive scheme in the program, it’s very plausible.

As he told the media on Monday, he felt that he had a “pretty good” 2020 season. Now, he plans on having a “way better” 2021 season. This is the stuff that I like to hear. It seems like a lot of the guys on the Nebraska football defensive line are focused on getting better. As much as the offense is going to be needed for Nebraska football to have success, the defense is going to have to shoulder the load as well. This is now a veteran group. There are no more excuses in regards to poor performances. I get having a bad day, but with the talent on this line, the bar should certainly be set high for Nebraska football.

Rogers is certainly setting high expectations for the defensive line group.

“For a football player, reps are the most important thing you can get. It’s tough because I love Ty to death, but I want all of his reps, and it’s the same way for him,” Rogers said. “We got a lot of guys in the room and we all want to up our game, like I said. But you got to deserve those reps. You got to go out there and show that you earned those reps. I think that’s a personal focus for everyone.”

I love hearing him say this, because it shows me that he is just as focused at making the defensive line improve. It’s not going to be just talk when it comes to Rogers. He is going to continue to play at a high level. He already ended at an upward trend last year, and I don’t see why he wouldn’t be able to do it again.

I’ll be interested to see what Rogers does. He has been one of the more underrated players in his tenure at Nebraska. Now, we will see how hard he will work to earn those reps.

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