Cabrillo pulls out of Friday’s football game at Dos Pueblos citing player safety | Local

Cabrillo High athletic director Gary West said Wednesday that Cabrillo will not be playing at Dos Pueblos, citing player safety concerns.

West, who noted that the decision is not based on COVID-19 protocols, said the Cabrillo coaching staff felt the players needed an extra week of preparation.

“It’s about student-athlete safety, we need at least another week to get in better football shape and get better at the game of football,” West said. 

West said Cabrillo gave Dos Pueblos the option of having a controlled scrimmage Friday or finding another opponent and Dos Pueblos opted to find another opponent. 

“That’s where the coaching staff and myself were on this, we felt if we could have one more week it’d be better for the kids,” West said. “We want to make sure kids are in the best shape we can get them in before we can get them on the field. We’re worried about injuries.”

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West said the Conqs do intend on playing their final four games, with contests against San Marcos, Santa Barbara, Lompoc and Santa Ynez left.

“We hope to play the remaining four games,” West said.

Dos Pueblos athletic director Dan Feldhaus said that Dos Pueblos will face Fillmore Friday night instead of Cabrillo.

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